Plains Indian War

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  • skyking20

    When are your PIW figures coming out? Any photos?

    • Skip

      Hello Sky King

      Thanks for your interest.

      There has been some major some problems with the casting of the horses.

      We have had to switch companies for better and more consistent quality in the manufacturing.

      I was hoping to have had the range released in January but now it looks like the first week in April.

      Way too much time and money to get this range off the ground; isn’t that the way it usually goes!

      I hope to have some pictures together in the next 2 weeks and will have them
      up on the TMP and our site.

      On the positive side, I do think these are the best (Western Plains War)
      Cavalry figures on the market.

      We will release the Mounted figures first followed by the Dis-mounted.

      Our hopes are that you and other gamers will think so as well.


      Skip Peterson