Blue Moon 15 to 18mm

Blue Moon 15 to 18mm: American Civil War Union Soldiers. These highly detailed metal figures are great for diorama and war gaming. Sold unpainted.

Select from the below manufactures...
Legends In Time
Confederate Forces
Legends In Time
Union Forces
  • Thomastuck01

    Why no Napoleonics?

    • Skip

      Hi Tom

      Currently I do not stock any Nappy’s because the ranges are so vast.

      I think I will be stocking some of the Blue Moon 15/18mm however.

      Possible some of the new 28mm Plastic kits as well. Perry, Victorex and the like.

      If you are ever interested in them I can order what they have in stock.



  • Roland_ggn

    where are the gun crew members

  • Roland_ggn

    lol opps there there got to buy them seperately