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On this site you will find some of the most interesting and highly detailed War Gaming Figures, Military Miniatures, Model Trees, Scenery, Scale Model Buildings and War Game Rules available today.

Here are some of the companies we represent: Blue Moon Manufacturing 15 & 28mm – Artizan Design 28mm – Crusader Miniatures 28mm – JR Miniatures 15 & 28mm – Wargames Foundry 28mm – Gripping Beast 28mm – Perry Miniatures 28mm – Black Scorpion 28mm – Elhiem 20mm.

This site offers many of the most popular genres and time periods modelers and gamers are interested in. From the Vikings of the Dark Ages, Union and Confederate troops of the American Civil War, to the Ultra Modern U.S. Combat Forces that are fighting in the world today.

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War Leaf
Just in, “War Leaf” Scale Model Trees, a new line of MINIATURE trees for the war gamer or the student doing a school project. These 4″ high, plastic trees are sold in packs of 10, 50, 100 and come with a metal washer base that allows it to stand upright on any surface. The Base is also flocked with a realistic grass mixture.

War Leaf War Leaf

“War Leaf” Scale Model Trees, come in assortment of colors; light green, green, dark green, yellow, dark green, brown/orange. Now you can assemble a large forest area for a low price and have a variety of colors to brighten up your gaming table.

Check out the Armory!
The Armory contains one of a kind collections of painted figures at great deals. These collections cover a wide range of Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy periods and genre’s.

Armorypainted figures at great deals Armorypainted figures at great deals

Perry Miniatures
Check out these highly detailed 28mm hard plastic miniatures. Perfect for Civil War dioramas or large scale wargames. Figures can be assembled as union or confederate soldiers.

Perry Miniatures

Miniature Building Authority
This line of 28mm buildings are sold painted and have a high degree of detailed designed into them. They are cast in a strong resin based material and have removable roofs.

Miniature Building Authority

Warlord Games 28mm Plastic Figures
An exciting new company out of the UK that produces highly detailed yet affordable hard plastic, 28mm figures. 5 boxes in stock: Roman, Celts and Ancient Britains. Figures are scaled to match all of the leading 28 mm manufactures.

Warlord Games Warlord Games

Warlord Games Warlord Games

Special Orders:
If you do not see a specific range from the manufactures we carry simply e-mail your request and we will special order the items for you.

All models are supplied unpainted.

Warning: All metal miniatures contain elements of Lead and Tin and maybe harmful if chewed or swallowed. Models should not be given to children under the age of 15. This does not apply to Awesome Kids as they are painted, plastic miniatures for children.

Legends In Time is not the manufacturer of the miniatures, only a Retail Internet Store, and will not be held liable for the misuse of the products.

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