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We are a company dedicated to the art of wargaming, dioramas & model building. On our pages you will find an extensive collection of high quality Military Miniatures in a variety of scales from a variety of manufacturers. We are extremely selective in our offerings, choosing to sell quality over quantity. All the figures, models & scenery you’ll see on our site were selected for their superior craftsmanship in sculpting, animation and design.

Legends In Time is an Internet store.

Phone:  847-487-3996
Office Hours:  9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time Monday through Friday

Mailing Address (Internet Store Only, No Store to Visit):
Legends In Time
2408 Trailside Ln
Wauconda, IL 60084

All models are supplied unpainted unless specified.

Warning: All metal miniatures contain elements of Lead and Tin and maybe harmful if chewed or swallowed. Models should not be given to children under the age of 15. This does not apply to Awesome Kids as they are painted, plastic miniatures for children.

Legends In Time is not the manufacturer of the miniatures, only a Retail Internet Store, and will not be held liable for the misuse of the products.

  • John Lochey

    Do you have a blog or a email newsletter? If you do can you put me on it? I REALLY like your site and the products that you carry! I am mostly into Old West and Sci-Fi.


    • Legends In Time

      Thank you for your ideas. Glad you like the new site we just deployed. We are currently investigating blogging. Our first step was to add this comment functionality. Nice to know you are intertested in a monthly news letter. We will add that to our radar as well. Would you prefer to recieve this via email or just posted on the site.

      • Anonymous

        Hi John – We just deployed new functionality for subscribing and blogging. Navigate to the page of your choice (Old West for you) and click on the subscribe link at the bottom of the page. Once you subscribe you will be notified every time someone leaves a comment. Thanks for the ideas – Enjoy!

  • Swanszo

    I need to buy one confederate and one union metal civil war soldier.
    If shiiped, could I receive by Thursday ?

    I live in Illinouis.


    • Skip


      What type of Soldiers are you looking for?

      15mm or 28mm?

      What manufacture?



    • Skip

      Hello George
      Did you receive my first email?

  • Swanszo

    Could I have two civil war soldoers shipped by Thursday ?

  • Schoenbergers

    Do you still have Minifig 15mm AWI Indians?

    • Skip

      I have 1 pk each of the Indians 1513-3001&3002

  • jim moone

    Legends in the Fall – When ? Where?

    JIm Moone

    • Skip

      Hello Jim

      We will not be having “Legends in the Fall” 2012, as we could not come to an agreement with the DoubleTree Hotel.

      I believe we found a great New location for next year and will advertise the event when negotiations are agreed upon and the date is set.

      There is also a strong possibility of a “Legends in the Spring”. Again we will advertise this event as well when and if the arrangements can be made.

      If you have any additional questions please contact us.


      Skip Peterson


  • John Michelcavage jr

    Dear Skip, Do you still carry the vnm013-US chopper crew with door gunners-4 figures? And would they fit in a 1:48 Or 1:72 scale helicopter? thanks, John.

  • roland l gagne

    hi skip. i just checked out the black scropion web site and they have 3 resin 1/28 scale pirate figures.there are called underdead pirates. there sku number are 02//03//05 they look nice .do you have any of them in stuck .or can you get them check out there web site and you will see what i mean ok thank roland

    • Skip

      Hello Roland

      I will see if any of my US Distributors carry the codes and email you back.


      • Roland_ggn

        thank you skip. i got to try and send you some pictures of some of the pirate women figures i done 2 years ago. i scratch built two wooden ships and they look very nice . one ship is called kracklin rose ,and the orther one is dragon heart.thank roland

  • Tommy20

    Hi Skip!

    Will you be holding Legends in the Fall this year?

    • Skip


      Unfortunately, we could not get the dates we needed with The DoubleTree Hotel venue so we had to cancel “Legends in the Fall” this year.

      We have found another location in Gurnee Illinois for future con’s and will be holding our future conventions there.

      Thank you for your interest and we will see you next year 2013.


      Skip Peterson


      • Roland_ggn

        skip i just found the undead 1/28 scale resin pirate .im supprise you have,nt got any in stock, i have six done and there are easy to paint cause there not lead ,i found the site that has them .there out of california .would you like me to send you there web sit there web site?i think you would do very well celling these figures .there very well made and the detail is very very good thank you roland

  • Sfrancek_48326

    Are you able to get other miniatures from a range that are not shown on your site? Like a few of the other Artizan Old West or from Reaper?

    Scott Francek

  • Laserhawke

    I was wondering do you have a western gamblers collection my father in law was a re enactor at shows who died of cancer on my birthday was hoping to create a collection to place on his grave every year would appreciate your help in this I also live in the uk hopefully your shipping here also kind regards

  • Mr Pascal Mahé

    HI all

    I possed 28 mm plain indians figures of RAFM, DIXON, FOUNDRY, OLD GLORY and CONQUEST, but I want others manufactures with a range on that , help me please …



  • Terry Whitelaw

    Read a rumor a while back that u were going to be releasing a range of 15 mm plains wars u.s. cav based on the classic John ford movies. Huge fan of these movies and would be interested to know if this was still going ahead.

    • Skip

      Hello Terry

      Yes, I am planning on releasing the “John Ford” Cav. Figures.

      Have had some production issues. A lot more then I counted on.

      I can give you some more details if you like.

      You can call us at 847-487-3996 or if you prefer I can call you at your convenience. Just forward your number and a good time to call.



      • Terry Whitelaw

        So 2 yrs so 2 yrs on from when I last contacted u re the John Ford 15 mm US Cavalry sculpts wondering if project is going ahead or been canned

        • Skip

          Still planning on releasing them, hopefully by this Sept. 2015.

          • Terry Whitelaw

            That would be great, will be looking forward to making a purchase when this happens to replace my current pony wars US Cavalry. Do u have any pictures of your sculpts. Looking at other posts I would agree with your comment that many gamers have been inspired by the great movies we saw as younger people. Pony Wars is the classic Hollywood inspired western miniatures game and a range of John Ford inspired US Cavalry would be perfect for Pony Wars. I feel that Ian Becks Pony Wars is one of the best and most innovative set of miniature rules created and has inspired others including Carlos Pagano recent rule set The Sands Of Sudan set during the British expeditions in the Sudan of the late 19th century. All very enjoyable gaming. Hoping your venture eventuates soon.

          • Terry Whitelaw

            Hey Skip thanks for the sample pictures, luv them. The hobby and especially those interested in gaming the Indian Wars have been long crying out for these type of U.S. Cavalry figures. Well done. Greatly looking forward to their release.

  • Enrico Moretto

    Forgive me if I am just being a bit daft, but it appears there is no email displayed here to contact you. I placed an order about an hour ago, and didn’t receive any confirmation from Paypal, despite having completed the purchase. The order was for some Crusader Bondi, Hersir, Hirdmen and Berzerkers.


  • John Woll

    Whatever happened to the seven Years’ War 15mm line of figures that various companies made?

  • Brian Caskey


    When is Legends in the Spring 2014??

    • Skip

      Hi Brian
      We had to cancel the event do to other factors. We will be having the ‘WarChest” our upscale resale event on June 7th and we will be running ‘legends in the Fall’ later this year.

  • charles popp

    Hello,I noticed that the next gaming day was canceled but you where going to hold a fleamarket/swap meet day. I picked up the flyer at Litttle Was but misplaced it.

    • Skip

      Hello Charles
      The ‘Warchest” will be held on June 7th at the Wauconda, IL. American Legion Hall. We are developing a site for the event and will have all the info you need available on the site. I can give you additional details if you call 847-487-3996.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as i have been out of town.

  • Seán Emrick

    Hello are you able to get other figures from splintered light miniatures aside from those shown here and do you have an email address to send correspondence. Thanks

  • andyhawes

    Hi Any updates on the John Ford US Cavalry range? I’m wanting to start an Indian Wars project and would love to give it a more Hollywood feel. It sounds as though your range might be exactly the sort of thing I’d be looking for…

  • James

    Are you still in business?

    • Skip

      Hello James
      Yes we are. have been out of town the last couple of days!

  • Stephen Miller

    I just ordered 15LBH106 and then decided I would like to also order 15LBH107 but only if I could do so without paying full mailing cost but rather a combined rate? Is that possible?

    • Skip

      Hi Steve
      Responded to this question via Email

  • Stephen Miller

    Oh, and I would also be interested in getting some of the John Ford cavalry figures. Are those still in the works?

    • Skip

      Hello Stephen
      Just got back in town. Yes, I can do combined shipping. I’ll check the weight and let you know the shipping cost.
      Thanks for your interest.
      The John Ford Cav in still in the works. Problem has been finding the right Casting Co. Talking with 2 companies right now. This has been a secondary project and not a priority. As always, I hope to have them out asap!

  • steve miller

    Got my PIW figures; they look great although a tad smaller than the 20mm Thomas figures I was going to use them with. Guess I can try a “forced perspective use” though. One question, the 4 guidon bearers came without guidons–Do you know of a source for “stars and stripes” cavalry guidons in the 15-18mm range that I could go to to get guidons for my guidon bearers?

  • Stephen Miller

    Skip, don’t know if you got my previous post about the PIW cavalry that you sent me. As the 4 guidon bearers are holding flagstaffs but there is no guidon attached to any staffs nor were any loose in the box. Is this an omission or are they really meant to come without guidons? If so, do you happen to know of a source for 15/18mm “stars and stripes” (the ones used from 1863 till the mid 1880′s) guidons to use with your guidon bearers?

    • Skip

      Hi Steve
      Your last post got by me somehow. Almost all the metal casting figure companies do not cast flags on staffs any more. The “Blue Moon” US Cav. figure packs do not include the paper guidons that most figure companies assume modelers want for their figures. You can try this company for the paper guidons…”Cotton Jims Flags”. A quick search on the computer should bring you to his site.
      Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Nikodemus

    Just wondering if you still have the Starship Troopers Box set ( The Miniatures game), and what the cost to the UK would Be?

    • Skip

      Hi Nick
      Postage to the UK is really high, about $65.00

  • Stephen Miller

    Skip,, any progress on getting the John Ford line of PIW 15-18mm figures out? Also, any chance I could order several of the Blue Moon acw Custer last stand casualty (both soldier and Indian) sets from you when I order some acw 15-18mm horse holder sets? or will I have to order those casualty set directly from Blue Moon?

  • Stephen Miller

    Skip, Haven’t heard back from you regarding my post from 10 days ago, but that’s ok since I since that my question regarding getting figures from you or Blue Moon directly has changed. Early next year I plan on starting a large diorama of “Custer’s Last Stand (all 5 troops) and already have acquired the majority of the troops (five 30-man sets) needed from you. The other sets I will be getting is one of the Indian Warriors on Foot and one Mounted Warriors. In addition I would like to acquire one Last Stand Vignette set and one (or two) each of the Warrior Casualties and Cavalry Casualties that you do not presently carry (only Blue Moon does). With a little (say 2-weeks to a month) notice would you be able to provide those also so I can get everything I’ll be needing with just one order from you?

    • Skip

      Hi Stephen
      Sorry for the delay in responding to your post.
      The ‘J.F.Trooper & Apaches’ line of figures will be coming out this year. 90% of the line is complete and I figure that is good enough for now. I’ll make sure I have the figure packs in stock when you need them.
      Here is our office # 847-487-3996
      Give a call and I will be able to answer your questions or comments faster and in more detail.
      Talk to you soon.

      • Stephen Miller

        Thanks, Skip. Great to hear on both accounts. I’ll be sure to call next time.