Uncharted Seas - Game Rules and Accessories

SRB001 - The Uncharted Seas are a set of fantasy naval rules that allow you to wage mighty sea battles with our range of 1/600th resin and metal ship models.The 84 page, full color, rulebook covers all of our starting races with background, painting guides and information on the fleets that will allow you to immediately immerse yourself in the Uncharted Seas game world. Includes templates and counters as well as two pages of top down fleet images.

SRB002 - The Uncharted Seas Game Cards allow you to utilise sets of race specific cards during gameplay. There are 4 decks of full color cards, each of which consists of 13 race specific cards and 13 generic cards. All 104 cards covering Orc Raiders, Iron Dwarfs, Imperial Humans and Dragon Lords are included in this set.

LITTS104 - Fantasy Naval Token Set. This colorful set aids in the playing of Uncharted Seas