Ancients - Wargames Factory 28mm

Wargames Factory 28mm: Ancient Roman Warriors. These highly detailed plastic figures are great for diorama and war gaming. Sold unpainted and some assembly required.

Celt Warband - This box set provides the forces for you to create warbands of Gallic (Gaul) and British Celts. Defend your homeland from the ravages of the conquering Romans! Box includes: 32 multi-part hard plastic figures. Separate arms, heads, and shields allow you to customize your forces for battle.
Wargames Factory 28mm
lpRomans - This box set provides the forces for you to create the legions of Julius Caesar. Battle across the Mediterranean world and launch your invasion of Britain with the finest military machine of the Ancient World! Box includes: 48 multi-part hard plastic figures, 3 Centurions, 3 Optios, 3 Signifers, 3 Cornicens, 12 Standing Legionaries, 12 Stabbing Legionaries, 12 Throwing Legionaries, 48 full-color rub-on shield transfers!
Wargames Factory 28mm